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I think it’s crazy how that physic of EPCC Alt Radio was spot on on the things that were/are happening. I believe that it was God talking through her even though my mom got mad at me for doing a reading with her.

I think it’s also crazy how my friendship with Sir Nelson is almost non exisit now. He doesn’t answer my messages and when I post on his wall he doesn’t answer them. Now for the pictures that he’s been posting I’ve commented and he’s answer at least half of them. I also think it’s crazy how recently I’ve been thinking of what if he has a girlfriend and just doesn’t want the whole Facebook world to know that he’s in a relationship because I don’t think he’s the type of person who would be posting such a thing. I on the other hand am. He’s pretty private on Facebook. He has been posting videos of his time in the Phillipines and pictures. A few days ago he posted pics of him with some women(about 5 of them) who he said on the caption were friends in the club they were at and two of them were pretty cozy with him. Today he posted some pics of him with the two women who were at a theater watching a movie and one of the women had her hand on his leg near the crotch area. Friends don’t do that I don’t think. I know I don’t. Not to my female friends. Not to my male friends. I’ll keep you all updated on this Sir thing when I get to talk to him. Hopefully it’ll be soon. His birthday is coming up. Hopefully he’ll be back in the States by then so I can call him up on his birthday. 


vancouver aquarium, may 2013. photos andy clark



well it looks like my dad is gonna help me pay it. ^_^ yay!

My name is Jennifer and I live in Texas. I'm 23 years old. I LOVE Purple, Teal and Lime green. I have never liked pink. I LOVE Michael Jackson, Prince, and Janet among other artists. I love anything 50s and/or 80s. I'm currently in college double majoring in communications (radio broadcasting) and music (piano). I love to text and be with my friends. I have my own online business. You want the link? Go the Links page (coming soon) and find it. :)
I'm a very determined person and if I want something I go after it like there's no tomorrow.

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