For you're always in our hearts 

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  1. I honestly can’t wait to see the pics that Lupe will post of today. Just to see if Cristian went and if he went what he wore and who he was with. If not then to see her mom. I would’ve gone if she would’ve tagged me on the post. Hopefully the pics will come soon. I honestly can’t wait

    i know that this sounds desperate but it’s the only way i can calm my feelings for Cristian til the day I get to see him again. Have no idea when that’ll be as I kinda ruined my chances getting to him through Lupe. As of now I can honestly say YES I have feelings again for a crush that I thought were gone. Since the wedding and Ashley texting me that Cristian was there. It’s been a month and a few weeks since that happened. Gonna be 2 months and no human sign of him except for pictures. 


    can’t wait for this show to premier!

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